Beth Neely

Owner & Founder

One of the questions I get asked most often is, “Why Smithvillle?" My story is truly one of- big city girl moves to small town. Texas born and raised, I grew up in Houston and went to college at The University Texas in Austin. During the many many drives back and forth between Houston and Austin, the road sign to exit for Smithville always seemed to call my name. However, I never quite seemed to make the turn off. Growing up, I dreamed of owning a store, living in a small town, having cows, goats, chickens on a ranch.


Life had a different journey for me after college, and it took me to Los Angeles, where I have lived for the past 25 years. Life was amazing and gave me 2 wonderful kids, but I was always a Texas Girl at heart. After my kids became adults and started their own journeys, I began to crave a reconnection with my roots. As fate would have it, an opportunity for me to come start a business and own property in a small town that was going through a revitalization happened. That town was Smithville. I packed up my bags and made the trip back home. I arrived and was immediately drawn to the quaint town, the genuine people that resided here and their welcoming nature. The town came with memories of road trips to college and the movie Hope Floats that was filmed here in the late 1990’s. I felt as if this was  where the next chapter of my life was meant to be. 


The name of the store was easy, Smithville General Store. It’s a take on the modern day general store- a little bit of everything and a gathering place for the community. As for the tag line,  I had the feeling, but couldn’t put words to it. Several of us sat around one night, and I was asked to tell them what I felt about Smithville and the community. And just like that “Small Town Big Heart” was born. It became our slogan for the store and has spread throughout the town. 


Since moving here a short 2 years ago, I have renovated and restored several buildings, commercial and residential,  ranging in age of 1895-1920. Restoring these buildings is not for the faint of heart, but I love it. I will soon be opening my second store Fall of 2019, in historic downtown Smithville. The Smithville General Store Home will house furniture, architectural salvage, antiques, leather goods, unique finds and more. 


Be sure to check the blog section for upcoming projects, sites and events around town as well as special features on local residents, business owners and artists. The next big project on the horizon to be featured, will be the building of my ranch at Big Sky Ranch. Still working on a name for it, but I’m so excited to share my journey with you. 


Thank you for being a part of the Smithville General Store Family.


Love Always,


Our Team



Associate, Barista and Coffee Bar Manger

Favorite drink to make-

"A chai latte because it just smells so darn good!"

Favorite time of the year at the store-

"Christmas! The vibe is so much fun and everyone is in a festive mood."

Favorite drink-

"During the summer it's the frozen lemonade, but when it cools off a white chocolate mocha."

A funny memory you have at the General Store-

"During Photo-Fest someone stopped in dressed as Robinhood saying they were lost and looking for Sherwood Forest."

Favorite thing about being a part of the SGS Team-

"Being able to work with my sister everyday. Also, being able to interact with people on a daily basis. It's like having an extended family."



Associate and Barista

Favorite drink to make-

"I love making the iced white mocha"

Favorite time of the year at the store-

"Christmas because of all the decorations, cheer, parades and hot chocolate (YUM)!"

Favorite drink-

"I LOOOVE the salted caramel frap with espresso"

A funny memory you have at the General Store-

"When we had an old piano displayed in the front of the store and everyone coming in and making up their own songs on it!"

Favorite thing about being a part of the SGS Team-

"I love working at SGS because my co-workers and boss are wonderful. I get to be creative when setting up the store and making drinks at the coffee bar has taught me so much. I like getting to know the people who live in my town and meeting all the people that are just passing through!"